We hope everyone is having a great summer.  It certainly has been a busy one for the Sea Horse, bringing lots of new guests and some challenges, too.  As we have reflected on this time, we identified a need to focus more on guest services.  As a result, we are revisiting our lobby operations, updating some policies/practices, and restructuring our team.

In terms of the team, we are adjusting roles to put a greater emphasis on guest services.  When Santa returns from maternity, she will be focused on guest and employee relations.  Much of the day-to-day administrative work will be offloaded or automated.  To support Santa, Ingrid will lead Housekeeping to ensure units are in top shape for guest arrivals.  In addition, Dalia will lead Maintenance in either handling issues or ensuring vendors provide prompt and minimally disruptive service.

The first of the policy changes is regarding payments.  Going forward, all new reservations will require a 25% deposit and payment in full 30-days-prior to arrival.  In addition, a refundable security deposit will be charged, which will be refunded shortly after guest departure, provided no damages, fines, or fees stem from the visit.  We also plan to offer guest travel insurance should unforeseen circumstances alter plans.

These changes will allow our team to focus on guest services rather than payment administration and follow-up and are consistent with industry practice  More info to come on the restructuring, policy/practice changes, and lobby operations.

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